• Claim of money owed under term of contract between a wind energy developer and a utility, relating to payment for curtailment of energy generation in particular circumstances.
  • Pre-litigation claim for breach of contract/fiduciary duty regarding alleged guarantee in connection with a stock purchase.
  • Plaintiffs asserted claims for tortious interference with fixed term employment contracts. Defendant asserted affirmative defenses and a counterclaim challenging the validity and enforceability of the contracts.
  • Bank suit for collection on business line of credit and personal guarantee.
  • Plaintiffs asserted breach of contract and Consumer Legal Remedies Act claims relating to a loss of property by movable self-storage provider.
  • Claims for fraud, breach of contract, and quantum meruit arising out of a failed purchase/partnership agreement involving a medical practice group.
  • Dispute involving a claim of breach of contract based on the failure to provide coverage under a casualty all risk insurance policy for a loss suffered as the result of a fire.
  • Dispute involving a breach of contract arising from failure to disclose to the investor that stock options, and not common shares, were owned in a company.
  • Dispute involving a claim of an avoidable and recoverable transfer that resulted in bankruptcy.
  • Dispute involving a claim of breach of contract arising from fraudulent misrepresentations regarding franchise territory, typical store valuation and royalties of a jewelry repair store.
  • Dispute involving claims of necessary relief for fraud, unfair business practices, and false advertising in relation to the manufacturing, promotion, and sale of a dietary supplement product.


Representative Cases 


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