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Representative Cases


• Claims for violation of due process arising from jail suicide.

• Plaintiff challenged county policies related to general relief program administration.

• Plaintiff claimed discrimination by retail store based on Middle Eastern and Muslim identity.

• Dispute between the City of Los Angeles and “Occupy L.A.” protestors, who were arrested and detained in buses following a lack of notice     requesting their removal of encampment on public grounds. 

• Dispute involving two wrongful murder convictions that resulted in over 15 years each in unlawful custody, arising from alleged false evidence. 

• Dispute against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for depriving a murder suspect of his civil rights by arresting him based on false     
evidence and coercing testimony to help incarcerate him unlawfully for 20 years. 

• Dispute involving a claim of unlawful detention, arrest and battery of a suspect of attempted burglary. 

• Dispute between a student and a school district involving a claim of violation of due process rights upon student’s suspension and expulsion for     
the alleged possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds. 

• Dispute involving claim of police misconduct that gave rise to personal injury and violation of civil rights. 

• Dispute involving a claim of the City of Long Beach’s liability for damages suffered by an individual wrongfully convicted of 1st degree murder   based on evidence dishonestly influenced by City detectives. 

• Dispute involving claims of violations of fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendments arising from the confiscation and destruction of homeless   individuals’ property from public streets and sidewalks without a warrant or notice. 

• Dispute involving a claim of a wrongful murder conviction for the murder of Plaintiff’s mother and rights to damages after 26 years of false   

• Dispute involving a claim of unreasonable seizures, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and conspiracy arising from an alleged drug   
charge on a woman and her fiancé. 

• Dispute involving a claim of unreasonable search and seizure of the property of homeless individuals living on Skid Row. 

• Dispute involving a claim of false arrest and excessive force by police on a reporter at the “Occupy Los Angeles” movement. 

• Dispute involving a claim of unlawful arrest and lack of acknowledgment of serious medical need while in custody resulting in negligence. 

• Dispute involving a civil rights claim of deliberate indifference to a serious medical disability while in custody. 

• Dispute involving a claim of a sheriff’s violation of inmates’ eighth and fourteenth amendment rights by forcing inmates at the Los Angeles County   
Sheriff’s Department Jail to sleep on the floor. 

• Dispute involving claims of unlawful seizure, excessive force, assault and battery, and negligence arising from an altercation between

  Los Angeles County deputies and a dog owner.